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From one college student to another, let’s be honest with one another, shall we?

We’re broke.

It is the truth about being in college. We, as twenty-something year-old people trying to get an education to create a better life for ourselves, seem to be giving up almost half a decade of comfort right now, just so that we can have a more comfortable life later on.

We do not have to settle for that kind of life, though. With the internet at the tip of our fingers, it is easier now to improve one’s own life than it ever has been! There are so many ways to make extra money, it is almost as if the opportunities are falling in your lap.

Luckily for you, I have been broke (and I mean broke broke), so I have had to research tons of ways to make more money for myself, or have had to get creative and come up with new ways that haven’t been talked about yet on social media.

Flip Furniture

Some of you may not be able to do this based on your storage space or means of transportation, but this can be incredibly profitable, especially if you live in an area where people get rid of things all the time!

There are two ways you can go about this…

The first way, which is the way I prefer due to the utter ease of the process, is to buy an item that is quite obviously priced lower than what it is worth. You can usually find these from garage sales, Craigslist, the Facebook Marketplace, or thrift stores, and immediately put it on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist again for a higher price. There’s no altering of the objects; just transportation and salesmanship.

I once found a stainless steel grill someone was giving away for free, and was worth at least $70!

The second way to do this is to source an item the exact same way as above, but find objects that require a little TLC. After fixing it up and giving it a fresh, new face-lift, sell it online for a pretty penny. Of course, this way will get you more money in the end, but it takes more time and effort to finish the job. Therefore, you have to decide which way you would prefer.

Reselling Textbooks

This strategy to getting money has the exact same rules to follow as flipping furniture. However, it does have a little more planning involved.

Although when I did this, I did live in a college town with a large supply of textbooks floating around for purchase, I was always way too slow at messaging people about meeting up, so I decided to take my business somewhere else.

Ebay is absolutely the way to go. People are selling their books on there for dirt cheap (relatively speaking, of course). Pick a book to target, search it out, and purchase*. Be sure it does not have excessive writing or highlighting in it, nor rips or scratches. Also, one thing I learned the hard way, is be sure it is not a “Volume One” of a two-part textbook set.

After sourcing the book, download the app Book Scouter to your phone. The cool thing about this app is you can scan the books bar code, or search the ISBN number, and it will give you all of the options for websites currently buying that title.

*Before you purchase the book from Ebay, it would be smart to ensure websites are buying the book for more than you would be buying it for.

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Selling on Amazon FBA

Because this is not a topic I, personally, have tried, I want to give a fair warning that I will not be able to explain this as well as other people may. However, although I haven’t attempted this, it is still a legit process of getting money because you are working directly with Amazon. If this interests you, I recommend doing your own research for a more in-depth understanding of the process.

For a quick description of what this is, Amazon FBA is essentially how Amazon gets a lot of its product. Average, everyday people go out and buy product that is on sale at the store or is cheaper than what it is being sold for on Amazon, and send it to the Amazon warehouse.

From there, Amazon completely fulfills the orders, and the seller (you) gets the majority of the profit, minus the fees from Amazon, of course.

Selling on Ebay

I don’t want to talk about this too much, due to the fact that it is pretty much the same as selling on Amazon.

However, the difference is Ebay allows old items to be sold on the website as well, meaning that items can be sourced at thrift stores like Goodwill or Savers, and sold directly to the customer. Another difference is there is no fulfillment center, so all customer orders must be fulfilled by the seller.

Make Money With Photography

There are two ways of making money with photography that I want to talk about.

Sell To Your Community

The first way is, of course, directly marketing your services to people and businesses in your community. There are a ton of families that want lasting memories to be created, so if you have a decent camera and an eye for beautiful things, you will be perfect for this job. As for cameras, I highly recommend the Nikon D3300. I also use it in conjunction with the Nikon 50 mm lens, which is perfect for a large array of photography genres, but the kit lens will definitely do your photos justice if you are just starting out.

The camera is an older model camera, but it’s what I have been using for years and it still has not failed me to this day.

Sell Stock Photographs

There are a boatload of pictures floating around the internet getting snatched up by businesses left and right. Stock photography is a big market, and can easily turn into passive income if you focus on a creating a high quantity of great work.

There is a Youtuber named Chris Hau who makes amazing videos on photography and videography. He specifically focuses on how to make money from your hobby, so if photography is something that interests you, I highly suggest subscribing to him!

Begin Dogwalking or Pet Sitting

The market for pet sitters is alive and well, and it is a market you should absolutely tap into for extra cash. When people go on a vacation, or they simply work too much and feel their furry friend deserves a friend, they hire other’s to take care it. If you are willing to stay the night when the pet-parents are out of town, you can make even more money, but that all depends on what your comfort zone is.

BONUS: If you are good at training dogs, you can market that to your community as well, being that you will probably be cheaper than whatever puppy class they have decided to bring the dog to instead.

Babysit and Nanny

I know, I know. We all knew this one was going to come up (for obvious reasons). However, it needs to be said. Babysitting, and, more specifically, nannying, might as well be a money-tree.

Here are some examples why nannying is something you should absolutely consider:

My friend nannies for a doctor whenever the doctor has an overnight shift. Therefore, my friend sleeps at their house and makes an extra $800 every two weeks.

My sister also nannies full-time, and she makes as much money as I made when I was a department manager.

Not only that, but if you live in a communities of people who make a substantial amount of money, they tend to be willing to pay more for a quality sitter. I recently moved to an area like this, and the local nannying jobs run at $17 to $25 per hour.

One more note about babysitting!

The area I moved to is a tourist destination and, to my surprise, there is a whole category of babysitters that I had no idea even existed. Being from Wisconsin, we usually don’t have a lot of tourists, so there is not a market there.

If you need something that is not as much of a commitment as a nanny position, consider being a hotel nanny. Parents want to experience some adult time on their vacation, too, so there are loads of people looking for hotel babysitters.

Start a Blog!

Blogging is extremely profitable. Michelle Shroeder, the writer of the blog Making Sense of Cents, currently makes more than $100,000 per month from writing on her blog, all while traveling the world on a sail boat with her husband.

If you want to start a blog, I recommend Pinterest as your trusty guide through all of this. Added to that, Facebook groups are incredibly helpful when becoming stuck and need a hand from others that have been through it.

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