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During the early college years, it is so easy to get stuck getting ready for college that we push to the side one of the most important aspects of college – one that is going to follow us for years. We forget about tuition.

That’s right. Tuition. The scary “T” word.

A lot of people are perfectly fine filling out FAFSA and moving on with their life. However, some would prefer saving as much money as humanly possibly. And, as it turns out, there is a ton of free money floating around out there just waiting to be used on tuition; all we have to do is find it.

As it turns out, I make finding scholarships as easy as I possibly can for my readers, and even easier for VIPs.

What is a VIP?

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Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

Amount: $10,000 (first prize); $5,000 (two second prizes)

Are you a vegetarian that loves that you are a vegetarian, and wants to get free scholarship money ($10,000 worth, to be exact) for being vegetarian? Well, you are in luck.

Unfortunately, you cannot just be a vegetarian in order to get this prize. In order to win, contestants must describe how they have promoted vegetarianism within their communities.

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

For those of you who are wickedly creative, this is a phenomenal scholarship created just for people like you! This company seems to love the idea of fresh, new artists having a chance at having their artwork debuted. This can be created-by-hand artwork or photography.

Here is the best news: even if you do not get chosen to win the scholarship, but the company still loves your artwork and wants to publish your piece, you (the artist) will be compensated.

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

Many have heard of this scholarship, but many do not actually seek it out. Maybe it is because they think it is such a weird topic that it could not possibly be a real scholarship, but, trust me, this is as real as it gets.

In under 250 words, write an essay about zombies invading your place of study (such as your high school or university), and describe how you will avoid the zombies, where you plan to hide from them, and what your top-five items you want to have on you are.

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

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Duct Tape Attire Scholarship

Amount: $10,000 (first prize); $500 (runner-up)

This one is a scholarship I have had my eyes on for some time now. It seems like such a fun activity to do (plus, the cash prize is a beauty), but I am a procrastinator at heart. I do plan to do this one sooner or later, that is for sure! If you all would like a video and blog post combo on how I plan to do this project, be sure to like the post or let me know in some way!

The rules to this scholarship is very simple.

Make a dress or tux out of duct tape (Duck Tape brand would be preferred because that is the brand giving out the money). Take a high quality picture in the duct tape clothes. Upload the picture to the website and try to get the dress up-voted by all of your friends and family. It really is that easy!

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

The Kor Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $500

Alright… So… This one probably takes the cake for weirdest scholarship out there, but there is bound to be someone reading this that will absolutely rock it and get the free tuition money.

Are you unusually fluent in Klingon? That’s right, I said Klingon. You know, the fictional language in Star Trek? If so, the Klingon Language Institute wants to give you a scholarship!

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

By the way, to the creators of that website, I was really disappointed that there was not a sentence on the website that was completely in Klingon, and could be loosely translated to “We attack at dawn”. I can’t say I wouldn’t have enjoyed Google Translating it.

Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

Amount: $2,000 (first prize); $1,000 (second place); $750 (third place); $500 (fourth place)

Alright, I said these would be weird, right? However, if you have a knack for doing amazing duck calls, this scholarship is absolutely perfect for you! They are giving away a total of $4,250, separated out into four cash prizes, for being amazing at calling ducks!

Unfortunately, this scholarship is only for high school students. If you are a high school student, good luck competing!

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

Truth Tobacco Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

For those of you who enjoy activism, especially in regards to reducing tobacco use, this scholarship was created for you. Truth is a group that promotes and tries to influence less tobacco use in the youth population. If you have taken it upon yourself to do the same in your own community, Truth wants to reward you with a $5,000 scholarship!

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

Flavor of the Month Scholarship

Amount: $1,500

I, myself, have even applied to this scholarship. It’s a very (very, very) weird topic to decide who is deserving of free tuition money, but I am sure it makes for an interesting read for the judges.

All contestants have to do is write an essay within the 250 word limit about which ice cream they believe they are, and why. It seems easy enough, right? Just be sure to write well, be creative, and have fun with it.

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

Tall Club International Scholarship

Amount: Varies up to $1,000 per winner

While I would never in a million years be eligible for this contest (being that I’m a mere 5’4), there are many, many incredibly tall people out there who should absolutely jump on this opportunity to benefit from their height!

They are looking for women who are over 5’10 and men who are over 6’2 to apply. If you fall over that height requirement, I highly recommend applying right away!

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here. College Scholarship

Amount: $2,500 (first price); $500 (second and third prize)

If you are not afraid of a little research, as well as taking the time to write a clear essay, then I am proud to announce this scholarship to you! In an essay between 800 and 2,000 words, would like you to describe how you would find properties such as foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, and how you would go about acquiring them.

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

BONUS SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants

While writing this, there were so many times I wanted to put this scholarship up higher on this list so every single person reading this can see it. However, I thought that it would be better as a “Bonus”, simply because considers it a bonus.

The website’s entire mission statement is getting out of debt and staying out of debt (hence the name); therefore, they would prefer giving out extra money to those students who are going the extra mile to apply to as many scholarships as they possibly can! You do not even need to win any to get this bonus!

Find out more about this scholarship and its requirements here.

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