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Holy cow, you are moving into a dorm! Or, at the very least, you are thinking about moving into a dorm.

The dorm life can be thrilling, especially because it gives students easy access to other students, which can create amazing friendships that can last a lifetime. Of course, it is possible to make friends in college without living in a dorm; however, just imagine halls full of open doors, with rooms filled with eager peers wanting to create relationships and memories, too.

It’s an extroverts dream!

Here is a compiled list of items that are essential for your first year in a dorm! As a quick disclaimer, for those of you who have decided to go to a college where you’ are able to let your furry friend live in the dorm with you, nothing on this list will include items for animals. That will have to wait for another post *wink* *wink*.

Make sure your school allows these items before you place them in your dorm! Some schools are more lenient, while some schools refuse students place certain items on the property. For example, when my boyfriend went to college and lived in the dorms, his school did not allow anything on the walls.

Added to that, your school may already supply their students with certain amenities (such as a kitchen) so their students do not have to purchase them on their own (such as cooking products).

It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Hygiene and Health

The easiest way to keep this article informative, yet organized is to place all of the items into categories, the first being hygiene.

First Aid Kit

To get this item, click here.

Shower Shoes

To get this item, click here.

Note that if you decide you do not want anything else on this list, I still highly recommend getting shower shoes. The school showers are not cleaned to the level they should be, and you have absolutely no idea what the person before you was doing on that floor. Basically, protect yourself from a preventable staph infection…

Shower Caddy

To get this item, click here.

There is no way to know before you get to your dorm, where it is in relation to the bathrooms. For all you know, the bathroom could e on the other side of the building! In that case, do not get caught having to carry your shower goods in hand every time you want to shower!

Closet and Storage

Clothing Steamer

To get this item, click here.

There is not nearly enough space in a dorm for a huge ironing board, nor will you have enough time to set everything up, iron each item, and put it all back. This makes everything simple… just steam and go!

Portable, Lightweight Hamper

To get this item, click here.

There are several kinds of hampers available, from thicker, more firm hampers, to ones than hang. However, this one strikes me as the most useful, being that it also has a side pocket for laundry detergent, etc.

Space Saving Hangers

To get this item, click here.

There is no space in the closets within your dorm. They are tiny, cramped, and you will probably have to leave a lot of clothes at home if you are not equipped with these life-savers.

Clear Storage Bags

To get this item, click here.

Easily place your extra items in these cute, easy-to-store bins. Put them on the floor, under the bed, or in your closet for out-of-sight, out-of-mind storage.

Jewelry Wall Mount

To get this item, click here.

I love necklaces. I believe they make any outfit look a million times better! However, one of the biggest problems I find is where do you put all of your jewelry so it will be safe and maintain a high quality look? Especially in a dorm? This little jewelry holder fixes that problem with ease.

Desk and Organization

Desk Shelving

To get this item, click here.

Laptop Tray

To get this item, click here.

Laptop trays give you added support, extra space for homework, added ability to work in bed (which, as I am sure, many of us love to do), and allows better airflow to the laptop so it does not overheat.

The one linked above does all of that, plus has a storage drawer and is made of bamboo, so it is more environmentally friendly.

Desk Organization

To get this item, click here.

This is the only item for desk organization that I thought would give you the most bang for your buck. With this five piece set, all of your paperwork, pencils, and other school-related items can be well thought out and organized to perfection.

Book Holder

To get this item, click here.

One of the hardest things about working on a small desk is deciding where you are going to place all your stuff, without sacrificing room for your mouse or keyboard, and while keeping all of the important documents within eye-sight. This will help with that.

Desk Lamp

To get this item, click here.

Chances are, if you are in a dorm, you will more than likely have a roommate who will be on a different sleep schedule than you. Maybe while you are trying to study, they will be headed to bed because they have a big test in the morning. Therefore, you will want a desk lamp.

2-in-1 Laptop and Tablet

To get this item, click here.

This item, although the most expensive on this entire list, is incredibly useful! I have been envious of people who were using this tablet-laptop-hybrid technology! Think about it… this computer saves you from running out of space like you would with a cheap setup; it gives you freedom to type or write your notes; and it saves money and resources because you will not be required to purchase a notebook.


Attachable Bedside Table

To get this item, click here.

I have to admit, I am extremely excited about this item. I initially could not figure out which category this belongs to best, but it seems to fit best with comfort. Let’s face it, if you are planning on putting your bed loft-style, you will want somewhere to place your drinks, your phone when you do not need it, and anything else you do not want getting caught in the sheets.

Bedside Caddy

To get this item, click here.

This has the same basic idea, but it should be added in case anyone wants extra storage next to their bed. Rule of thumb: extra storage always equals a good idea.

Portable Air Conditioner

To get this item, click here.

I cannot begin to explain exactly how crucial this item is… If you have ever been in a dorm, you will understand just how hot the air in the building is (and this is coming from someone who has been in dorms located in Wisconsin – a tundra). Not only is it hot because there are so many bodies living in one concentrated area, but also because schools often do not turn on temperature control until it becomes crucial.

Wedge Position Pillow

To get this item, click here.

This purchase would be a no-brainer. For myself, I lay on my bed to do pretty much anything on my computer. Usually we just wedge several pillows behind our back for support, but what if you can get rid of that hassle with one pillow?

When doing work, place it like the picture, but when you are ready for bed, flip it the other way around.

Mattress Topper

To get this item, click here.

Not only will you need this because the beds comfort is the equivalence of a concrete slab, but you should also consider purchasing this item because there is no way to know who was sleeping on it before you.

Food and Cooking

Mini Fridge

To get this item, click here.

All-In-One Breakfast Station

To get this item, click here.

Alright, let’s all just admit it together: this would be so cool for those of you who do not want to go out into the cafeteria every time you are hungry.

Rapid Ramen Cooker

To get this item, click here.

Perfect for the average college student’s diet.

Cooking Caddy

To get this item, click here.


To get this item, click here.

Entertainment and Decoration

Keep in mind with these items, it is not necessary to get these exact items if they do not fit your aesthetic. They are just here to give you ideas.


To get this item, click here.

I have to say, I could not live without this invention. Just simply plug it into your television set, and wallah! Instant streaming set up right on an ordinary television set!

Television Set

To get this item, click here.

Wall Grid Panel

To get this item, click here.


To get this item, click here.

One of the most numbing things about a dorm is how bland it is when you first walk in. It is dull and dark and gloomy, so sprucing it up with a beautiful wall tapestry is an ideal way to bring in your own personality and charm to the room.

Removable Wallpaper

To get this item, click here.

I have to admit, I have been unbelievably obsessed with this since I have found out it exists! Not only is this perfect for dorms, but it is also perfect for whenever you decide to begin renting an apartment! It is super easy to apply to a wall, and then removed (without any nasty residue left behind) as soon as you have finished living in that room.

Soft, Plush Rug

To get this item, click here.

At one point, I remember walking into a dorm that was carpeted, and it was covered in stains (I should emphasize how much I mean it was covered). I never wanted to take off my socks when in the room because there was nothing to protect my feet from whatever was mashed into the worn-out carpets.

A beautiful rug, much like the one listed above, would be a perfect barrier between your skin and the floor. I would recommend a small, nursery-size one because it will fit beautifully between your bed and your roommate’s.

Woven Wall Hanging

To get this item, click here.

Alright, I will admit it… I could not help myself from adding this item to this list. It is just too gorgeous to not be showcased at least once.

Warm Plug-In Fairy Lights

To get this item, click here.

Any room looks cozier with beautiful, soft light creating an inviting atmosphere. Placing this around your bed, and turning it on while relaxing, studying, or even just getting ready to sleep can make a world of a difference when it comes to the vibe of the room.

Hanging Plants

To get this item, click here.

Plants can make any room look more beautiful and organic. Added to that, including plants in your dorm room can clean the air you are breathing in. It should be noted that the above item is only the hangers (plants will have to be bought separately), which will save you buckets of space and keep the room looking beautiful.

Congratulations for getting into college and beginning your journey into higher education! Making your dorm homey, comfortable, and beautiful is only the beginning to enjoying college.

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