My Mission

Hi! My name is Jaidyn Michelle!

I had been debating on starting a blog for a long time, so when I moved all the way from Wisconsin to South Carolina, I decided it would be the perfect time. The is an outlet to create informative messages for people who go through the same things I have been through.

Believe me, I have put myself into some bad situations when it came to my education, ending with me being dismissed from college entirely and not having any idea where to turn. I got out of the hole I dug myself, and went from being a failing student with no hope, to a nearly straight A student with so many opportunities ahead of me.

That is why I believe I am perfect to talk about college experiences; I have failed so many times that I know how it feels to see others give up hope on you. I will never give up hope on you. If you are reading anything on this website, it is because you want to keep trying, so as long as you’re still wanting to pursue a better life, I will still be writing material on how to achieve the success you want.

A Little About Me

I am a twenty-something year old women who loves everything that I do. If I don’t love it (even in just the slightest), you probably will not catch me doing it. I believe we only have so much time on this world to make a difference in some way, so I’ve always planned to get in a career where I know I will be the most useful.

That’s why I have always wanted to be a marine biologist. I care deeply for the environment (I even joke that I am a certified tree hugger), I excel in the sciences, and I believe I can be beneficial to the field. Therefore, if you are interested in marine science at all, or even just STEM, you’re in luck because I will probably put out marine science stories and tips periodically along the way.

Feminist At Heart

This website, despite its name, is not a deliberate attempt to exclude men at all. In fact, if there are any men reading this right now, howdy! I’m happy to have you here! I truly hope you find the content on here useful, and I hope you succeed.

However, this website is directed toward women just for the simple fact that I love women. I feel safe and loved in the company of women, and I have so much support for any woman who wants to succeed, hence the creation of this site. This is my way of creating a support net for the group of people who have helped and supported me most.